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  Web Audio: The Next Web Frontier  
  Web Mastering: The Art of Optimizing Sound Files for Napster and the Internet  
  If you've purchased the book, thanks! This site is for you. We just finished writing the book, so we'll be adding more content to the site over the coming months including more sound file examples from the book, more free sound effects, and links to our favorite web audio examples.  

What's in the book:

Designing Web Audio is loaded with informative real-world case studies and interviews with some of the world's leading audio and web producers. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to build multimedia web pages using the most popular web audio formats, including RealAudio, Flash, Beatnik, and MP3.

Designing Web Audio also explains how digital audio is encoded from microphone to hard disk; how sound is processed using compression and equalization; and how to turn audio source material into a great soundtrack using loops and ambient soundscapes. Designing Web Audio demystifies its subject with informative step-by-step techniques for encoding, compression, and streaming audio over the Web.

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  90 Free Sound Effects from The Hollywood Edge collection.  
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