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Josh Beggs
Dylan Thede
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Josh Beggs is co-founder and president of Raspberry Media, a creative services firm specializing in “front-end” development, interface design, and streaming media for complex transaction-based sites that demand high production values.

Josh began his career in the multimedia industry as a recording engineer and sound designer. In 1995 he produced the interactive soundtrack for EMI Records flagship CD-ROM, Queensrÿche's Promised Land. After receiving impressive reviews from Billboard Magazine for the soundtrack, Josh went on to explore interactive media design with Raspberry Media. In addition to designing some of the top Web sites on the Internet, he also follows his musical passions as a pianist and recording artist.


Dylan Thede's multimedia experience began in the cultural center of Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985. At a young age, he was designing sound systems and multimedia presentations for groups at the University of California at Berkeley, and San Francisco State University. While at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Dylan became a pioneer in the emerging fields of Digital Audio, Digital Video, and Multimedia Interactivity and later graduated with honors and two degrees in Multimedia and in Psychology.

He was one of the first pioneering designers on the Internet when the World Wide Web burst onto the scene in 1994. In 1995, Dylan founded AudioVisualize, a Multimedia consulting company that creates visions and designs for companies that wish to implement Multimedia into their web sites and corporate networks. As well, Dylan serves as a VP with Raspberry Media and along with co-author Josh Beggs, continues to create exciting and dynamic works of interactive rich media for the web today. Besides writing and creating multimedia projects, he is a composer and musician and is constantly in search of the highest inspiration life can offer, usually to be found somewhere by the sea, in the setting of the sun. Dylan can be reached via email at

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