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Josh Beggs
Dylan Thede
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  Web Audio: The Next Web Frontier  
  Web Mastering: The Art of Optimizing Sound Files for Napster and the Internet  

Designing Web Audio

Table of Contents


1. The Art of Sound Design
     A brief history of web audio
     What you can do with sound on the Web
     Two easy ways to add sound
     Adding sound effects
     Audio challenges and limitations
     Solid sound design
     Designing web audio
     Interactive sound effects and buttons
     Interactive sound design case study

2. The Science of Sound and Digital Audio
     The science of sound
     Digital audio demystified

3. Capturing Original Source Material
     Selecting the right equipment
     Recording techniques

4. Optimizing Your Sound Files
     Basic sound editing
     Digital effects
     Web mastering: optimizing sound files for Internet broadcasting

5. Introduction to Streaming Media
     Streaming protocols
     Streaming media formats
     Selecting the right format

6. Encoding, Serving, and Streaming Sound with RealAudio
     The RealMedia System
     Streaming RealAudio from a web server
     Professional webcasting
     Advanced RealAudio applications
     Live broadcasting with RealAudio
     Case study: N2K streams live Mötley Crüe concert

7. Designing Multimedia Presentations with SMIL and RealSystem G2 159
     Delivering backwards-compatible content
     Case study: TechWeb Today

8. Playing, Serving, and Streaming MP3
     MP3 pros and cons
     What is MP3?
     Playing MP3 files
     Making MP3 files
     Creating a buzz: posting MP3 files to the Internet
     Start your own MP3 radio station
     Legalities of MP3
     MP3 resources

9. Interactive Sound Design with Flash and Shockwave
     Flash and Shockwave basics
     Introduction to Flash
     Introduction to Shockwave

10. MIDI: Quick and Easy Audio for the Web
     MIDI: A universal approach
     Adding MIDI to your web pages
     Creating your own MIDI files

11. Designing Audio Web Sites with Beatnik
     New possibilities for interactive sound
     Beatnik authoring system
     Sonification tutorial
     Using the Beatnik Editor

A. Creating the Ultimate Web Sound Studio: Buyers Guide and Web Resources

B. Audio Format Comparison


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